Slouch Beanie Hat Sewing Pattern

It’s funny how the meaning of Spring can be so different in different parts of the world. When we think of Spring in Northern Europe, we mean wearing jackets, light hats and scarves. Tshirts and dresses are usually worn in Summer whilst other parts of the world have Spring dresses and shirts. Same thing with Winter. Our Winter means knitted hats, scarves and warm coats on top of multiple layers of sweaters and wool socks. While some parts of the world wear light sweaters and hats for Winter that we would call Spring clothes. Go figure 🙂

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Spring has arrived so early this year that I didn’t even have a nice little hat for Rahel yet. So, I downloaded this Brindille and Twig pattern and quickly whipped up a new hat for her. It honestly took me like half an hour from downloading and printing the pattern until finished and ready-to-be-worn product. It was super fast and easy sew! I finished it just in time before going out to play and was super happy about the result and how easy it was to make! I find the sizing to be spot on and I plan on making a stack of these now, to go with all her gorgeous B&T outfits.

All of B&T patterns are prepared in such a way that even a beginner can follow the excellent instructions and get great results. From all of the places I have purchased patterns, B&T is the best one and includes lots of informative photos in their tutorials. They have never let me down!

I love classic styles and this miniature slouch beanie is the perfect alternative for a traditional cap.

You’ll need:

• Knit fabric for exterior: A thin, drapey jersey knit will work best so hat will slouch. AMOUNT NEEDED- 0.5 yards for all sizes
• Knit fabric for interior: A thin, drapey jersey knit will work best so hat will slouch. AMOUNT NEEDED- 0.5 yards for all sizes

Mutturalla organic jersey “lemurs” in peach rosé. These little cheeky monkeys with the ringed tail are so adorable! Produced ecologically and fairly.

If you like the fabric then I used this peach rose organic jersey from MuttuRalla for both exterior and interior. I love those cheeky little monkeys! You can of course use different fabrics and make it reversible.

Now, go and start whipping up all the hats, but be careful not to become addicted like I did, lol!

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