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It’s been a long time since I sewed anything. I wish I could sew more often as I have a long list of what I’d like to make. But everyday life gets in the way and now that I’m 33 weeks pregnant with another baby girl I feel like I just want to sleep. All. The. Time. I’m just so tired of being tired all the time.

So, in the light of the new baby arrival I decided to clean out the closet a little. Even though I have been deep cleaning it before I still found some clothes I definitely hadn’t worn for years. I also don’t like to throw out things when I can reuse or upcycle them. If you find it difficult to let go of clothes that once made your heart flutter then be creative and try to make something else out of them. Like this little raglan tee I made for Rahel from my old tshirt that I cut and used the fabric for.

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Raglan Tee with Shoulder Closure and Pocket Pants
Raglan Tee with Shoulder Closure and Pocket Pants
Raglan Tee with Shoulder Closure and Pocket Pants

This raglan tee is an amazing basic for every boy or girl. The pattern is incredibly extensive, it comes with an (optional) shoulder closure and many different style options for you to mix and match with. Choose between folded hems or a waistband & cuffs, short or long sleeves. Add a contrast chest pocket and give your tee extra “hanger appeal” with a contrast inside placket. It’s the easiest pattern out there, perfect for the beginner looking to step up their sewing game!

Sizes range between 62 to 116 or 0-3 months to 5-6 years. I have been using Misusu patterns before and last time they ran a little big, so this time I decided to do a size smaller. I was right. Rahel is 21 months now and I did a size 12-18 months and this seems to fit her and it’s pretty loose, too.

I love that they have so many options to choose from, whether you want short or long sleeves, hems or cuffs, snap closure or not, they have instructions and patterns for all these options. I did short sleeves with sleeve cuffs and kept the bottom hem of my old shirt. The snap closure was quite the nut to crack but looks great when finished. It was the first time I ever did a shoulder closure and I’m glad I did because it surely makes it so much easier to get the shirt on if you are not using the stretchiest fabric.

Sidenote: if you are also interested in making these pocket pants then you can find a pattern for these here. I wrote a blog post about these cute pants, too.

So, here you go. I totally encourage you to reuse the fabric of your old clothes for sewing new stuff. Textile waste is actually a huge problem facing us today. Reusing old clothes is a small step you can take to help the environment plus it’s cheap and I guarantee you will feel good and proud after you’ve given a whole new purpose for your old favorites.

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