33 Best Handwritten and Calligraphy Fonts for Designers and Bloggers to Download

I used to think paying for fonts was ridiculous because why would you pay for something that you can get for free. There are so many free fonts available that are hand-picked, high-quality and even for a commercial use.

I have been browsing a lot of fonts for my projects lately and although there are many amazing fonts available to download for free, I haven’t really found the ones that would satisfy my needs. I often think to myself whether it is worth paying for a font or just searching for a free equivalent.

The advantages of paid fonts:

1. They are usually of a higher quality
2. They are more likely to come as a complete set including different font weights and big glyph sets
3. You are supporting the creators and that’s a fair thing to do

I am still using many free fonts for my projects but honestly, the best ones are still the ones that I have paid for. My favorite place to purchase fonts is Creative Market.

This is my hand-picked collection of the best and absolutely gorgeous handwritten script fonts:

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December 6, 2019