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30 Free & Easy DIY Baby Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Before I introduced myself to a sewing machine I actually did a lot of crocheting. There’s something so relaxing and soothing about crocheting. Relaxed, repetitive motions such as the ones used in crochet and knitting can help calm down the body and the brain.

If you have been following my blog you probably know I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant with another baby girl. I’m soo not ready for labor but I’m super excited about her arrival!

I know it’s going to be super hard having two kids under two! That’s why I have collected these crochet patterns to make for a baby in case I need some relaxing therapy and unwind from the everyday stress. These baby crochet patterns are totally free and most of them are ranked easy and suitable for beginners. And the bonus is having something cute and handmade for your precious! So great, right? I bought some yarn already and might start with some of these patterns before the baby arrival!

So, pour yourself some tea, grab your favorite blanket, work up these crochet patterns and give yourself a relaxing weekend. You’ve earned it!

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1. Newborn diaper cover

2. Girly lace baby booties

3. Spring baby boots

4. Baby bonnet hat

5. Baby hooded cowl

6. Crochet headband

7. Crochet lamb pattern and baby mobile

8. Winter snowflake baby booties

9. Cuddly cocoon

10. Sweet baby poncho

11. Crochet baby beanie

12. Sweet baby hexagon blanket

13. Lovey baby hat

14. Little prince crown sweater

15. Blossom bib

16. Baby blankie

17. Teddy Lovey

18. Bunny ears wooden teether

19. Baby cocoon

20. Sweet dreams baby blanket

21. Fuzzy baby bunny outfit

22. Crochet pacifier clip

23. Bear cub hat

24. Diaper cover

25. Baby hooded cowl

26. Crochet baby bib

27. Spring baby dress

28. Ragdoll lamb

29. Duck toy

30. Bow tie baby booties

Aren’t these just the cutest crochet patterns to make for a baby? They seem like an easy to make baby shower gifts anyone can do! If you have tried making these, let me know in the comments how it came out. Also, any suggestions on easy and beautiful baby crochet patterns are more than welcome!

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