12 Stylish Storage Solutions for a Modern Minimalist Home

Before moving into our new home last November, we lived in a one room studio apartment and had minimum space. If you’ve never experienced living in one room apartment then it’s probably hard to imagine having your living room, bedroom, nursery, office and warehouse (allll the fabric rolls and sewing stuff I have) gathered in one small space. It was pretty crazy!

I now appreciate having all this space in our new home much more than I probably would have. But in any case no matter how big or small the home is, it’s best to declutter and organize your space with the right storage solutions. Storage can be one of the most crucial elements to a happy, healthy, and organized living or work space.

So, since we’re still decorating our home, I’ve been seeking for some really nice storage solutions. Here is what I’ve found to be the most smart and stylish ways to store anything in our home.

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1. Iron Book Magazine Rack

Iron Book Magazine Rack

I love how elegant and minimal this book magazine rack is. Adds an artistic geometric touch to home or office/business space.

2. Handmade Felt Storage Boxes

Handmade Felt Storage Boxes

These felt storage boxes are perfect in our wardrobe or simply on the shelves. I love how minimalist and original these are. I could totally use these anywhere in the house, they fit equally in the kids room, kitchen, wardrobe or living room.

3. Bamboo Storage Baskets

Bamboo Storage Baskets

I don’t know why but lately I’ve been seeing all kinds of bamboo baskets everywhere. I’m not an expert but I think these are becoming more and more popular. They are actually perfect for every corner of the house, entryway, living room, kids room, bathroom or even balcony space. A little boho but also Scandinavian looking.

4. Canvas Storage Bags

Canvas Storage Bags

I love the simple style and natural material of these canvas bags. Ideal for all kind of practical storage in the kitchen, kids room or for crafts and laundry organizing. They come in multiple sizes and shapes so you can choose the one that suits you the most.

5. Wall-Mounted Iron Floating Shelves

Wall-Mounted Iron Floating Shelves

I’m a big fan of iron and wood combination! I love the industrial and minimal look they give. They also have a ceiling-mounted version of this which gives a lot of extra space in the kitchen and is pretty cool for hanging wine glasses.

6. Upholstered Entryway Bench

Upholstered Entryway Bench

Absolutely beautiful piece of furniture. Perfect for creating a modern interior feel plus it has space to storage shoes or other things you have in your hallway.

7. Ceramic Storage Canisters

Ceramic Storage Canisters

I love these ceramic storage canisters! These would look lovely in our kitchen and are perfect for coffee, tea, biscuits and more.

8. Wooden Desk Organizer

Wooden Desk Organizer

This small and compact wooden organizer is great for keeping all small things, jewelry and stationery perfectly organized.

9. Modern Geometric Storage Basket

Modern Geometric Storage Basket

This modern geometric storage basket is great for keeping all your bits and bobs in. They are sturdy and flexible, great for squeezing into spaces or to fit as a bookshelf storage organizer. These are ideal to use in any room of your home from a plant holder in your hallway to a bread basket in your kitchen. Also perfect for using in a nursery, playroom or child’s bedroom. A great place to store and organize your bathroom items, craft supplies and small toys in.

10. Paperbag Storage for Toys

Paperbag Storage for Toys

Well, this is a definite design object in any kids room and practical for keeping all toys and other things in it.

11. Wooden Box for Toys and Books

Wooden Box for Toys and Books

This long-lasting wooden toy box offers practical storage space to keep kids rooms tidy and organized. It’s on wheels and easy to move around the room.

12. Crochet Hanging Baskets

Crochet Hanging Baskets

I would totally want to DIY these crochet baskets myself if I ever got the time. I love these! They are perfect for every corner of the house, entryway, living room, kids room or bathroom.

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